vrijdag 11 november 2011

more poncho's

I already showed you the poncho i made for my daugther, with flowers now i am showing you a few more

 I made this one for a daughter of a friend, as requested with pinks and purples
and this one i made with all the colours i had in my yarnbasket, and i used beads for the edge, and made a nice flower to go on the front, so you can tell the difference between front and back, i found this patron on the garnstudio website.

baby booties

this picture could be better, but with the light inside the house not so good due to the weather outside it will have to do, i made these booties using a patron that i found in the magazine Crochet Today.

winter hats

i made these two winter hats using patrons of the www.garnstudio.com website, the black/grey/white one is patron number 126-21 and the red one is patron number 103-24, i put the red one on my head so you can see what the shape looks like, because it doesn't look like anything lying flat.

dinsdag 1 november 2011


Innocent smoothies had a great idea to raise money to give elderly and lonely people a nice Christmas. They asked members of the public to knit hats they put on top of their smoothies, and for every smoothy with hat they sell they will donate money to the good cause, so i made 7 hats you can see in the photo